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Marketing Assistance, Strategy, and Execution for Small Businesses, Startups, and Nonprofits

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YEP MARKETING provides professional and effective print and digital marketing assistance to small businesses, start-ups, and nonprofits.

Whether you're looking for a soup-to-nuts integrated marketing plan, help with getting your business in print or online, or assistance with a short-term project, YEP can help. Our experience is vast, our prices are realistic, and our personal attention to your project—as well as your satisfaction—is guaranteed.

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Ad Hoc Services

Words, generally.


Copy Writing



Site Design & Redesign

Email Authoring, Design, & Deployment

Social Media Creation & Management



Graphic Design

Delivery & Installation


Presentation Build

Speaker Notes Authoring

Presentation Guidance

Video Conversion

Research and Data.

Market Research & Analysis

Focus Groups

Data Visualization

Yep. We can do that.

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