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YEP Marketing:
Strategy, consulting, and assistance for small businesses, nonprofits, and startups.

YEP Marketing provides professional and effective print and digital marketing assistance to small businesses, start-ups, and nonprofits.  Whether you're looking for a soup-to-nuts integrated marketing plan, help with getting your business online, or assistance with a short-term project, YEP can help. Our experience is vast, our prices are realistic, and our personal attention to your project—as well as your satisfaction—is guaranteed.

Big Projects

If you're just getting your business up and running, or if your current enterprise needs a boost, we can develop a full, integrated marketing plan, and execute the strategies all at once or over time. At YEP, we work with you—within your budget, on your timeline, and with your goals in mind. And if you're not sure where to start or what steps to take next, we can help you figure that out. Just want to talk things over? Not a problem. Consultations are always 100% free. And we mean FREE. No charge, no obligation, no pressure.

Small Projects

YEP takes on a lot of one-off projects. We also have several clients for whom we just manage one piece of their marketing; for whom we're an "extra hand."  We do just email blasts for one small biz, take care of the print tactics for another, and create sales and pitch presentations for yet another. If your business or nonprofit is up and running, and you just need some assistance, give us a shout. We'll jump in with both feet. And don't worry for a second about getting in deeper than you'd like or than your budget allows. At YEP we promise—we'll never try to sell you on taking us on for more than you need.

Keep us on standby.

Yep has a lot of regular customers who think of us as their "marketing person" and call on us whenever the need arises. We tweak websites, refresh store signage, modernize logos, send out e-mail blasts, post to social media, create mailers, ghost-write blog and LinkedIn posts, create charts and graphs from data, etc. etc. etc. So, give us a try. You'll like our work, and if do you need us again, we'll be here.

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Dedicated to helping small businesses grow, start-ups get started, and nonprofits do more good.

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