So, turns out Yelp uses an algorithm to determine which reviews it recommends, or posts in plain view on your business page. How do we know? Well, recently, YEP reached out to its three most consistent clients, and asked them to post an honest review. And, nice folks that they are, they did. Right away.

Yelp didn't really like that. Three positive reviews over the course of a few days looked a bit suspicious to Yelp, so while the reviews are posted, and available to view if you REALLY look around our Yelp page, they're not front and center, as we'd hoped (in fact, they're listed as "not recommended reviews" -- ugh).

To its credit, Yelp wants to make sure reviews of your business are legit, that you're not asking "friends" --as opposed to real clients-- to review your work. They're transparent about it, and post just how their algorithm works here.

So now we know. Kind of stinks for us, but now that we've dug deep into the way Yelp works -- and have talked to several very knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful people there -- we can help you get honest, real, recommended reviews that Yelp will post for all the world to see.

We're always learning, and always willing to share what we know with you, even when we learn it the hard way. Get in touch. Consultations and conversations are always free...and we mean FREE. No money, no pressure, no obligation.