Who IS YEP? Well for the most part, YEP is me, Amy Whitaker.

On stand-by is a killer coder who knows her way around html and javascript; a graphic designer who pitches in when I need an extra hand; a copywriter/proofreader as a second set of eyes; and a second marketing pro that I consult with to brainstorm strategies. (These folks are all working full-time for the big guys, so they're not pictured here. But hang around long enough and you're sure to meet them all.)

But I'm front and center—I drum up the business, create the strategies, work with the clients, and oversee every detail of your project. Am I qualified? Oh boy, am I ever.

With more than 15 years marketing experience for large and small companies and nonprofits, I've created literally hundreds of marketing campaigns.

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eMail Messaging: From state-of-the-art content and video eMail messages, to interactive triggered emails series, to simple but effective welcome, seasonal and informational emails, I can help you get your message out.  Don't let anyone steer you wrong—email still reigns.

Social Media. I've grown a corporation's social media presence from one sorry state of affairs to one with thousands of followers. And I stay on top of how to "do" social media. Content Sharing, Social Networking, Social Bookmarking, Geolocation, Review Marketing, and Contests—it's an ever-changing game, but I'm fascinated by how well it works. Hire me to manage your social media, and watch follower count soar—and your business grow.

Print, print, and more print. You name it, I've made it. Really. I've created logos for companies big and small; created the theme, branding and all the signage for sales meetings, conferences, stores, and all kinds of events. Print ads? Mailers? Yep, all of it.

So, get in touch. Honestly, I know what I'm doing. Let's just talk. There is never any obligation, and absolutely no pressure.

Events. I've spearheaded big events with a ballroom full of people to small wine and cheese parties for celebrations, fund-raising, and conferences. I created five wholly different webinar series, each of which capped out at 500 people. I masterminded a four-day event in Chi-town for 25 people that brought in sales in excess of $400k.

Presentations. Creating presentations for sales pitches and job interviews is one of the ways I spend a lot of my time here at Yep. Word has gotten out that I'm good at this, and now sales reps and business owners often shoot me an email that starts with, "Can you look over my presentation?" and ends with me writing the speakers' notes, creating handouts, and providing all kids of tips and tricks for how to give a riveting presentation.

Market Research. Surveys, focus groups, contests — as an executive marketing pro, I wrote and delivered all kinds of strategies to find out more about—and grow—your target market.

Yep, we can do that.

Yep Marketing is a small, bootstrapped, woman-owned business. We are located in Narberth, PA—the heart of the main line—right outside Philadelphia, PA
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