You've got this.

At YEP, we're presentation pros.

YEP provides eye-catching visuals that keep your audience engaged, yet don't distract from what you're saying. We can write the copy, so that you are clear and easy to follow, and so that you get your message across. And if you like, we can turn it all in to a video, so your customers can simply press play.

In terms of format—you name it, we deliver:
PowerPoint • Keynote • Prezi • Captivate • Video

New to presentations? Boy, we aren't. Amy Whitaker, YEP's main woman, has given more presentations than she can count. So if you need some pointers, let us help. We're happy to share what we know with you. (Like what? Well, Start with a story, but don't say, "Let me tell you a story."  Every 3 minutes, pause, and throw in a "rest".  If the screen is higher than your head, stand center stage. If it's at eye level, stand right of it. Either way, NEVER LOOK AT IT.  Have the fewest possible words on the screen—as few as one. Or better yet, none.  Know your slides backwards and forwards. The most important thing is how you END. That's what people remember most. You get the idea.)