YEP helps small businesses run with the big dogs.

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About You.

Small Businesses

It's About You: Yep helps small businesses grow.

YEP is dedicated to small businesses, sole proprietorships, and start-ups.  We specialize in creating precisely what you need to grow your business—to get and keep new customers.​ (After all, YEP is a small business, too!) We know the latest trends, what works and what doesn't, and just how to set yourself apart from the other guy. Whether you've been in business for decades, or are just getting started, YEP can help.


Its About You: Yep Marketing for Nonprofits

YEP helps nonprofit agencies make a difference. We've spent a lot of time and energy making money for the big guys, and we want to give back. We've helped several nonprofits find the volunteers and donors they need to do even more good.

YEP offers seriously discounted pricing to non-profit agencies, and donates 10% of each project's profit to Mighty Writers.

Learn more about our dedication to nonprofits.


Yep Marketing helps Musicians and Artists Find their audience

We know it's hard to make a living as an artist; one of our key players (barely) made a living as a dancer for quite a few years. And we love the arts. I mean, we LOVE the arts.

So, here's what we've got:  

YEP offers full-time working artists several payment options; we'll even consider bartering. So if you can teach us (or one of our kids) something, or you'd like to trade our services for art, talk to us. Let's see if we can call it even.

Just getting started?

If you're thinking about a new business, or need ideas for ways to refresh or boost your current enterprise, get in touch. Initial one-hour consultations are free. And when we say free, we mean free — no money, no obligation, no pressure to hire us. So when you're ready, give us a shout. On the other hand...

About YEP.

Most of the time, YEP is Amy Whitaker, a one-woman show. But there are several folks who, from time to time, make a cameo appearance — a couple of killer coders, a long-time wildly creative graphic designer, and an all-around "helper" who steps in to copyedit, proofread, and generally keep things running.

Amy Whitaker

Amy Whitaker


More than 15 years marketing experience for large and small companies and nonprofits. I've created hundreds of marketing campaigns which include

  • Market Research: Surveys, Focus Groups, Contests
  • eMail Messaging: Content Marketing and Video Marketing and campaigns such as Welcome eMails, Seasonal Campaigns, Newsletters, Triggered Email Series, Connect-Via-Social, and Re-engagement
  • Social Media: Content Sharing, Social Networking, Social Bookmarking, Geolocation, Review Marketing, and Contests
  • Print, print, print and more print
  • Events big and small -- celebration, fund-raising, conference events and weekend educational series
  • Presentations -- Live, virtual, and streaming

What we're all about.

Yep is a small, bootstrapped business. We're doing things our own way, on our own dime, and we want to work with people like us: people who are passionate about their business, who are determined to make a difference, or who know they want to make a living making art.

What we know.

YEP has built hundreds of marketing campaigns that have included every marketing tactic you can think of—from web launches, email campaigns, integrated social media strategies, contests, and events (for thousands!) to off-the-charts guerrilla marketing tactics.

We can build you a full-on marketing plan that includes web launch, email messaging, social media strategy, print, and events. But we can also step in to help you get to your next goal. We can take on a piece of the marketing mix that you're struggling with, or you can just lay the problem at our feet, and we will work with you on ways to get you moving in the right direction.

What we PROMISE.

YEP will never try to sell you more than you need. At YEP, we promise: No obligation. No pressure. Just want a landing page? We'll build you a landing page. Want to send some emails? We can do that. Recently, a customer called us and said, "I JUST NEED A SIGN." (Don't we all?) So, we made them a sign.

We guarantee you'll be delighted with your project. Yep, that's right. Guaranteed satisfaction. We work 'til we get it right.

Our prices are realistic. As we said, we want to work with people like us—people putting something together because they believe in something. We consider each customer individually—what you're trying to achieve, where you are in the process, and what kind of budget you're working with.

Oh, and we barter.

Yep, we can do that.

Yep Marketing is a small, bootstrapped, woman-owned business, located right outside Philadelphia in Narberth, PA.
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