At Yep Marketing, We Do Small Projects

No Project is Small.

At yep. we take on projects of all sizes—from full-on marketing plans that include web design, email messaging, integrated social media, inbound and content deliverables, and print of all kinds, to pitching in here and there with copywriting, graphic design, and presentation building.

Some of our most gratifying work comes from helping those who are just getting started.

People who are trying something new, deciding to finally put it all on the line. Recently, a friend of a friend called and said simply this: "My LinkedIn page needs help." He knew that those considering hiring his start-up would check him out, and he wanted to make sure that his profile reflected his professionalism, and that he could provide an overview of just what his burgeoning new business does.

Our response? (What else?) "Yep. We can do that."  We fixed his profile photo and his cover image so that it displayed correctly, we added some PowerPoint slides to highlight his core competencies, and we wrote a few articles for him to post — complete with header photos and integrated images to best highlight just how his company could be of service.

A small thing, right? Sure. But not to him. And not to us.

We can't say it enough. We're here to help. And there is absolutely no project too small.

We're right here:
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Marketing assistance for small businesses, start-ups, and nonprofits.