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Mighty Writers is a Philadelphia-based nonprofit agency that teaches kids ages 7 to 17 to think clearly and write with clarity. Since the outbreak of Covid-19, they've also been supplying groceries and meals to the families in the communities they serve.

I began working with Mighty Writers years ago—their site had been designed and built a decade before, and was in need of a tune-up.  After fixing what no longer worked, I managed the site and continued to tweak as needed. Finally we all agreed that the site needed to be made more contemporary, and from the back end what it really needed was a complete re-build.  I got right to work. Every page, every feature, every sign-up and donation form from scratch. (I called in my stand-by code genius a few times to make things work super smoothly.) Next I took on their annual report, which we printed and mailed to 8,000 donors.

Today I work as their on-call webmaster and freelance designer. (I also do some tutoring.) It's really a terrific organization, and if you can spare a dime or some time, please consider donating. Just look at all the good they do.

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