At YEP, we know all about Facebook. We've marketed many businesses on the platform, and have even taken classes in the many ways to use its variety of marketing tools. If your customers are Facebook users, we'll help you make a splash.

But YEP has decided to forego using Facebook for our own business (as well as for our personal "business"). There have been just too many abuses of privacy and too much lack of oversight for YEP to give Facebook any more airplay.

That said, we appreciate the reasons people use it to share news and photos, or to tout their business; we know its value. Heck, even Elizabeth Warren—its biggest critic—used Facebook to promote her candidacy. So if you think it's a good place to shine, we'll positively help you make your mark.

We just wanted to explain why you won't see US there. 😉

Yep. We can do that.

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