Most of the time...

YEP is a one-woman show, and that's me, Amy Whitaker. There are people who help out as needed, but I'm the one drumming up the business, and putting together the marketing plans.

Am I qualified? Oh boy, am I ever.

With more than 15 years marketing experience for large and small companies and nonprofits, I've created hundreds of marketing campaigns that have included:

eMail Messaging: I've created and spearheaded every kind of eMail campaign imaginable.  From state of the art content and video eMail messages, to interactive triggered emails series, to simple but effective welcome, seasonal and informational emails, I can help you get your message out.  Don't let anyone steer you wrong -- email still reigns.

Social Media. At YEP, we stay on top of Social Media. Content Sharing, Social Networking, Social Bookmarking, Geolocation, Review Marketing, and Contests.

Print, print, and more print. You name it, I've made it.

Events. I've spearheaded big (500+) and small (~50) events for celebrations, fund-raising, and conferences and have put together ten weekend-long educational series.

Presentations. I've created, designed, written, and delivered nearly one hundred live, virtual, and streaming presentations. Creating presentations for sales pitches and job interviews is one of the ways YEP spends a lot of its time!

Market Research. Surveys, Focus Groups, Contests

Get in touch. There's no obligation, and absolutely no pressure.

Yep, we can do that.

YEP is a small, bootstrapped, woman-owned business, located right outside Philadelphia in Narberth, PA.

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